Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kon Lou Mein and tomyam

Kon Lou Mein is one of our favourite when we dine out. We ordered this at the Siang Siang Pan Mein coffee shop at Lintas. It is served with minced pork and fried wanton, together with a bowl of plain soup with some green vegetable and meat balls.
I ordered a bowl of tomyam meehoon. The presentation is too plain, no garnishes at all. I also noticed that they put the same fillings as the kon lou mein, that's minced pork, meat balls and fried wanton . I expect to have some prawns and tauke, but none. The chef or cook should consider garnishing it with parsley or coriander which I reckon that is the basic essential for serving tomyam in a restaurant. The only green I could find is the curry leaves. Luckily the taste of the tomyam soup was not bad.

Not long after having this bowl of tomyam meehoon, I was so thirsty for the whole evening that I drank about 6 glasses of plain water. I hope they did not put too much of ajinomoto in it.

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