Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bread making Trial

Making a bread is a long process..buying one from the shop is so much easier.  But making own bread is fun though the waiting time is long.  But I tend to get very disappointed when my bread did not turn out to have the texture you want  it to be.  I am very fussy on the texture...I am still looking for soft and fluffy bread recipe.
look soft but still on the rough side

Glutinous rice balls dried longan soup 龙眼汤丸

I made some glutinous rice balls soup on winter solstice last year..I get my 2 daughters involved to getting the glutinous rice balls done.  They helped  and played  with the dough at the same time..No one bother about the sizes of the rice balls any way. 
It is the Chinese tradition to eat sweet tang yuen soup to celebrate the Winter  Solstice.  Doing so at home it's a reminder for my daughters to observe the Chinese tradition too.


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