Sunday, December 16, 2018

Seafood at KK - The Fish Recipe restaurant

We bumped into The Fish Recipe restaurant at Tanjung Aru town last night.  We were supposed to have our dinner at a kopitiam a few steps away from The Fish Recipe Restaurant but the lighted up "The Fish Recipe" signage caught my eye right after I stepped out from the car (we parked just in front of the shop).  We took a look at the menus and decided to settle in to have our dinner without much reluctance. Being the fish eater lover me, I ordered the "Asam Pedas fresh fish and fish cakes mixed meehoon soup" minus the chili pedas. My better half ordered the "Bitter gourd fresh fish and fish cakes mixed meehoon soup".  
I like the texture of the meehoon (not sure which brand of meehoon they used).  The soup is a bit light and less salty than those I had from other shops, probably less artificial seasonings are added into the broth, I do not mind having healthier broth. The fresh fish slices are fresh, The mixed fish cakes and fish balls are soft and tender.  

We came to know later that they have got another branch at the Aeropod too which we have been there a few months ago and I have posted it here too.

We paid RM28.00 for 2 bowls of meehoon soup and a glass of gao gao (thick) teh tarik.  

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Cream corn steamed cake

This is my first attempt adding cream corn into the cupcake. It was not perfect but not disappointed too, the cream corn blended well and add sweetness into the cupcakes.


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