Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rojak Buah or Fruits Rojak

Me and Clet enjoyed this plate of Rojak Buah or Fruits Rojak at the food court of Suria Sabah on Sunday while waiting for our girls enjoying themselves at the indoor play ground just opposite the food court. It is RM6.00 for this plate of special rojak buah.

Butter cream mango cake

I tried on this butter cream mango cake on weekend. Baked the cake the night before and did the icing the next day morning. I seldom use butter cream for reasons being that it is not healthy and secondly, the grease from the butter is hard to clean up, unless there is hot tap water available.

Rich home baked Cheese Cake

This is one of the super rich home made cheese cake I have ever tasted so far. The whole cake is literally sandwiched and covered with cheese and more cheese, great for cheese lovers. I think one could hardly find this kind of cheese cake sold in the the shop because it is home baked. SIL ordered it from her colleague for her daughter's 12th birthday.

here is a slice of the cheese cake


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