Saturday, November 27, 2010

3 colours cotton sponge cake

There are many ways of presenting a cotton sponge cake. I used the same recipe in my earlier post on The best Cotton Sponge Cake I have ever made. The methods of making the cake is also the same, the 2 differences that I made between the 2 were the colors and the waterbath method.

I separated the mixed batter into 3 portions. Added 2 different colors into 2 of the batters separately, leaving one portion as plain.

I put the water into the baking tray during preheating of the oven instead of putting it together with the batter pan just before baking. The water is half boiling by the time the batter is ready to be put into the oven. This made the bottom texture of the cake a bit heavy, thus the cake doesn’t raise much. The cake is very chewy as a result not as fluffy as the earlier Cotton Sponge Cake that I made.

If you like the cake to be heavy and chewy, this baking method is for you.

Chicken & Pasta Meal at Kenny Roger's Roasters

Steam boat and buffet at Bamboo Palace

Cotton cake

My Cup cakes

These cupcakes are made for my nephew, Ensond's 2nd birthday

Thursday, November 11, 2010

home cooked dishes

Clet's cooking - plain soy sauce chicken
My cooking - green vegetable & carrot
Mum's cooking
Clet's recipe - sweet & sour pork

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chicken pumpkin & carrot soup

This is 100% home cooked Chicken pumpkin & carrot soup. It is much easier to get my kids to eat their meals with soup, they like plain soup like this one.

My husband brought back 1 big pumpkin after he visited his friend's farm in Sandakan last week. Besides making a pumpkin cake, I also used part of the pumpkin to make soup.

The ingredient and methods of preparing this soup is here for me to share !!

Pumpkin cake

The recipe of this baked pumpkin cake can be viewed here.

PizzaHut's Extreme Cheesy 6

Extreme cheesy 6 pizza
After watching so many times of the TV commercial and much talked about PizzaHut's Extreme Cheesy 6, we finally have a taste of it. Like the name says it is Extremely cheeeeesy. We ordered the plain one just to have a feel of the total cheesy taste.

The topping consists of 6 major types of cheese, 1) Cheddar 2) Parmesan 3) Provolone 4) Mozzarella 5) Romano 6) Monterey Jack.

Some of these cheese I have never heard of before but the combination are perfect, not as salty as I first thought it would be. We ordered the large set meals among other side orders for the five of us (3 kids), the portion is simply huge and filled with cheese, we continue our cheesy party at home and polished all up later in the night.

The cheese layers is superbly thick and yummy
This slice of Extreme cheesy is mine, hmmm...yum..:Q

Cheese lovers should not miss this Extreme Cheesy 6 pizza. I Can't wait to try the other 2 types of Extreme Cheesy 6 topping pizzas in the menu. Gonna to head over to Pizza Hut again this weekend, because I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Filipino Cuisine at Masarap Restaurant

A special treat on BIL's wedding anniversary, we had a Filipino meal at Masarap Restaurant, in Lintas.

the 1st floor restaurant

A mango cake, The Philippines is famous with its mangoes

Korean Butter Coconut Biscuits

Great that there is a Korean mini market just at the ground floor of the place I work. I love Korean biscuits, they are somewhat unique and more delicious.

Since it is an authentic Korean produced biscuit, majority of the products labeling are in Korean words, the box, the ingredients and nutritional labeling alike, I can't read a single word of it, some with a line or two of English, like this one. I usually ask the shop keeper what's the contents of the products if I can't find any descriptions that I can read. Unlike Japanese products, I still can see some Chinese characters to figure out what it is.

After picked and chose, I bought this Butter Coconut biscuits (with a coat of honey on top I suppose). There are 2 individually packs of biscuits inside. Great for my afternoon tea in the office. As you know imported products are generally pricey. This box of biscuit cost me about RM5.00. Would I buy it again? 80% yes.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Simply Vegetable Soup

During the week on my 7-Days detoxification and Rejuvenation Program (DRP), I was merely on fruits and vegetable diet. These was one of the main meals that I had for dinner, it was boiled without salt and other seasoning.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kampung Chicken soup

Kampung chicken soup was cooked in a slow cooker for more than 8 hours under low heat. The ingredient is simply, half kampung chicken, 8-10 red dates and some Chinese Herbs.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid-Autumn / Mooncake Festival dinner

These are all home cooked food from my mum. She managed to cook all these for us at the interval of taking care of my 9 months old hyperactive nephew. She has to prepare and cook while he is having his naps. The older generation like my mum has to have some sort of gathering during any Chinese festivities, without which they will feel something amiss on these days.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Home cooking

spice beef bone soup, steamed fish & chun ken

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cucumber, miixed vegetable with Alfredo macaroni

A plate of cucumber, mixed vegetable serve with Alfredo macaroni and raisin buns (dressing flax seed oil & Alfredo sauce)

A Barbie's edible image and doll Birthday cake

All of the 3 cakes are for Pearl's 5th birthday


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