Saturday, November 27, 2010

3 colours cotton sponge cake

There are many ways of presenting a cotton sponge cake. I used the same recipe in my earlier post on The best Cotton Sponge Cake I have ever made. The methods of making the cake is also the same, the 2 differences that I made between the 2 were the colors and the waterbath method.

I separated the mixed batter into 3 portions. Added 2 different colors into 2 of the batters separately, leaving one portion as plain.

I put the water into the baking tray during preheating of the oven instead of putting it together with the batter pan just before baking. The water is half boiling by the time the batter is ready to be put into the oven. This made the bottom texture of the cake a bit heavy, thus the cake doesn’t raise much. The cake is very chewy as a result not as fluffy as the earlier Cotton Sponge Cake that I made.

If you like the cake to be heavy and chewy, this baking method is for you.


  1. Soft and fluffy just like cotton! Colourful too!

  2. Interesting recipe with unusual look

  3. This is interesting! I attempted on sponge cake but couldn't get it right, will sure giv another try... and probably with your recipe!;D YUM!



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