Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meal at Borneo Wild Treasure Restaurant

We were at Borneo Wild Treasure Restaurant at Bundusan Square, Penampang having our dinner a couple of weeks ago.  The speciality of this restaurant is its crocodile meat dishes.  Crocodile meat is said to be good for relieving asthma. 

I am not fond of crocodile meat and also not ready to introduce it to my little girls, hence did not order any.  We ordered the deer meat instead. 

they serve local seaweed as starter, and Qui Ling Guo as dessert (not in the picture)
deer meat with ginger and spring onion.  Turned out to be the favourite dish for our girls

green vegetable with garlic
Claypot chicken is a bit spicy for young children

 winter melon with chicken crawl soup
We seated just beside an aquarium with little crocodiles inside, children are fascinated seeing the little crocodiles. 

We went back there for morning dim sum and the restaurant is crowded with customers.  I highly recommend this restaurant as the food is tasty and more importantly the pricing is very reasonable.

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