Sunday, July 5, 2009

Italian Long Life Non Stick Frying Pan

After throwing away the scratched non stick pan, I was struggling to cook with the stainless steel and other frying pan, they stick and very difficult to clean up, an easy and simple cooking like making pancakes became disasters by using a stainless steel and other frying pans that I have. I was told that stainless steel pans will not stick at a certain temperature, well......I just couldn't get the right temperature.

Without doubt that stainless steel is a much healthier choice when comes to cooking utensils and cook wares but I am just not good at handling the frying pan so I bought an Italian made (it says on the label) Long Life Non Stick Frying Pan at a restaurant and kitchen utensils and cookwares specialised shop just outside my house.
With a new non stick frying pan, making pancakes and other cooking have been so much easier, besides saving on cooking oil, it also saves me time to wash it up too.

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